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Community Partnership Program

Atlantic Lottery is pleased to fund non-profit or charitable organizations promoting responsible gambling initiatives in our communities.

How to Submit:

Complete the attached form and then e-mail  to our Corporate Social Responsibility department for you. 

Decision Process:

Every Responsible Gambling Community Partnership opportunity is evaluated based on  available resources, suitability of the initiative, and regional representation. Evaluation can take up to five weeks, so we ask that you submit your proposal as early as possible.

The following types of initiatives would qualify for support under this program:

1.     Responsible Gambling Prevention and Education Programs (guest speakers, youth programs,        educational institutes, information sessions etc.)

2.     Responsible Gambling Awareness Campaigns (collateral material)


Regrettably, the following types of requests do not qualify for funding:

  • Requests from commercial or for-profit enterprises
  • Requests from outside Atlantic Canada 
  • Initiatives without a demonstrable responsible gambling benefit 
  • Funding for merchandise donation (hats, pens, etc.) 
  • Funding for construction, renovations or purchase of buildings, properties, equipment 
  • Cash donations 
  • Requests from political organizations and candidates 
  • Advertising for fundraising purposes 
  • Personal or family events 
  • Scholarship or bursary donations
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